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New Kenny Werner Album coming in September!

Sept. 16

The ever-creative pianist Kenny Werner’s latest album on Half Note Records is called Coalition, and it takes its name from Werner’s new multinational quintet. The band consists of guitarist Lionel Loueke, alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, well known as leaders and sidemen, plus Danish saxophonist Benjamin Koppel and Hungarian drummer Ferenc Nemeth.

by Peter Hum

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Imaginary Realm reviewed by FAME!


“Do not play this at a party unless you want your guests sitting down to discuss philosophy for the rest of the evening (which, frankly, is EXACTLY what I’d do) because, though one cut is romantic (Come Sunday, and I guess you could see Circles in the Sky as partially so, especially if you’ve been downing Jagermeisters and feeling sideways and upside-down), the rest are art with a capital ‘A’ and not meant for mall shopping excursions,”Imaginary-Fame