Music from my album, “Triumph” featuring Joshua Redman, Kenny Werner, Lionel Loueke, plus 8 horns and a singer.

Ferenc Nemeth Triumph Band featuring Chris Potter, Gregory Tardy, Kenny Werner and Lionel Loueke

Bridges of Souls album with Attila Laszlo, featuring Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip

FN Band featuring Chris Cheek and Matt Garrison

Lionel Loueke – Ferenc Nemeth – Triumph

This is a live concert of the FN band featuring Kenny Werner, Mark Turner, Chris Potter and Matt Garrison.

FN Band featuring Kenny Werner, Gregory Tardy and Matt Penman>

FN Band featuring Kenny Werner, Gregory Tardy and Matyas Szandai>

“War…” from my Ferenc Nemeth “Night Songs”.

Another live concert of the FN band featuring Bob Sheppard, Russell Ferrante, Omer Avital and Gyula Csepregi.

FN with Lionel Loueke Trio

This is a live radio show from WBGO with GilFeMa+2, (the band that I co-lead) featuring Lionel Loueke, Massimo Biolcati, John Ellis and Joris Roelof. We are playing one of my songs called Question of Perspective.

Benefit Concert for Japan with Lionel Loueke, Richard Bona and Gregoire Maret.

Ferenc Nemeth with Dhafer Youssef.

FN with Gilad Hekselman>

FN with Eldar>


FN with John Ellis Band>

FN with Grace Kelly>

FN with Omer Avital, Avishai Cohen, Joel Frahm and Jason Lindner>







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